Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Passed Dudayev for a million dollars

15 years ago was killed by Chechen President Johar Dudayev. Few people know that before the fateful day he managed to survive three assassination organized by the Russian special services. The first time the sniper missed - a bullet grazed his cap just a little rebel leader. The second time exploded a mine planted in the path of his car, but turned it. A third time, Dudayev was saved by miracle - he, along with protection left the house five minutes before the cloak of its chips in the air-launched rocket. The correspondent of ...


CP: - There is still no complete clarity when and how to begin the operation, who played a major role in it, as it was carried out.

VYa: - Well, actually all the details of the transaction you would not tell anyone.
All materials are still classified. The successful ... Do not disclose to you the same agents. Or those who have served or are working in the security services or other organizations. And we Yuri Alekseevich some things have to ... You ask, who played the main role of the operation? .

VJ: - With the participation of the Air Force.

CP: - When was given ...
After hitting the car air missiles Dudayev was only a heap of twisted iron.
VYa: - In the spring of 1996. Remember, on the eve of his Raduyev bandyukov attacks Dagestani town of Kizlyar, then easily breaks into the May Day and the same goes unpunished in the village, blocked by snipers '38 th ' back into Chechnya. And then - a new problem. In mid-April 1996, in the Shatoi district of Chechnya, under the Yarysh- Mardy was defeated by a column of the 245th Motorized Rifle Regiment. It has been there for nearly 90 dead and 50 wounded. And of the 27 armored vehicles militias burned 24. And it is - after Yeltsin before, during a visit to Krasnodar, said: ... Ready to discuss with Dudayev, as we shall live with Chechnya '. And when he learned of the defeat of the column is in another he said: ' Meet with Dudayev will not. I do not talk to the bandits '. It was clear that the planned peace with Dudayev would not be.

VJ: - There should be both taken into account. Approaching presidential elections in Russia. Yeltsin's rating has fallen below the permissible limits - up to 6 percent!.
A Duma also demanded that he be punished and to shift the siloviki, especially Defense Minister Grachev. For the large loss of life. Meanwhile, the left and right Dudayev gave an interview in Moscow and foreign media, humiliated Russian generals. Against Dudayev's criminal case, but prosecutors complained that he ' can not find '. Over our intelligence agencies began to laugh. And then there's this tragic accident near the village of Yarysh- Mardy. President furious orders to eliminate Dudayev. The flywheel has been launched.


VYa: - Yes, all units of the GRU in Chechnya, the General Staff was particularly strong strain is in the middle of April. We were in the area of ​​deployment came just two colonels from the ...

CP: - Vladimir Ivanovich, who you were in April 96th?.

VYa: - Mayor, deputy commander of Special Forces.

CP: - What was this unit?.

VYa: - Three dozen well-trained soldiers. Officers, warrant officers, soldiers, contractors. All - Wolves shelled. Snipers, sappers, radio operators, avianavodchiki. Our commander, along with others called to the headquarters of the group and said: ... There was no doubt - whose.

CP: - And before these problems should not be made?.

VYa: - These problems are generally staged all Russian intelligence services since the war began. However, Dudayev had been unreachable. Special Forces soldiers jokingly called him the elusive Joe. He ' shook ' us a long time. His instinct was just a beast. Once spotted the place of his lodging, surrounded the village. Beacon found beneath the house. Gave a tip-off aircraft. Launch the house to pieces the cloak, but there was nobody.

CP: - From our officers have heard that many times snipers have kept his head Dudayev ...

VYa: - This is just a popular tale, which to some extent ... On the contrary, snipers, and not only snipers, and even promised to order the Gold Star for the destruction of ...

CP: - And what is the problem to get your team in the middle of April 96th?.

VYa: - We are ' grazed ' his square kilometers in the south- east of 30-40 Terrible. Gekhi -Chu village stood just on the boundary line of our areas of responsibility and the neighboring units. According to the agency, before April 21, Dudayev had been there three times - in the so-called military prosecutor of the republic Magomed Dzhanieva. Security - thirty. We turn up there do not just dare, to frighten.

CP: - Why, again, the problem of the destruction of Dudayev did not put snipers?.
VYa: - Where are there! . They were spotted by local informants that Dudayev with approximately the same space on a vacant lot on the phone talking.


CP: - But how could recruit ' local informants '? .

SA: - The Chechens are people too and they have their weaknesses. A PRINCIPLES sometimes can but very profitable commodity. If they sell well. We have them, and ' bought '. However, we had a very long time to bargain. We had to build up a deal so that there was no fraud, so you can make sure that the ' product ' is not a fake.

CP: - How many had to pay?.

VJ: - Many. lemon. dollars. Although the two have begun to bargain with.

CP: - Out of whose budget had been ' seized ' money?.

VJ: - When Yeltsin came to the elections in Russia were a lot of bags that are for the victory of Boris Nikolayevich was willing to pay, and not as ' nonsense '. The game was worth the candle. So, this is the Chechen ...
We reported to the headquarters. From there, were ordered to establish a powerful bombs in the ' connection point '. And watch the wasteland around the clock. But there's more Dudayev did not appear. They began to suspect that we are ' thrown '. But on the other side said: they say, wait, let us make.

MP: - However, the laying of mines - a game of chance.

VJ: - Certainly. Therefore, parallel to the GRU and the FSB was worked and the other option - hit with a rocket plane with a laser seeker. Along the line of satellite phone. But a few such attempts have failed. From Mozdok to Gekhi -Chu, our ' Soo ' came to my ears for about 7-8 minutes. A Dudayev said, usually about 5 minutes. The tube was placed, - the signal was lost, the rocket is blind.

CP: - But in order to pinpoint exactly Dudayev's phone, it was necessary to know its ...

VJ: - Oh, that's another story! . One of those stories - about the Americans, who allegedly gave Dudayev apparatus ' Inmarsat ', and then told us to TTX.

The second - about the mysterious Turk who supposedly ... Since the missile with a laser seeker ... Photos taken from the American magazine associated with the National Security Agency ( NSA). The magazine claims that the NSA is a real-time video received from the rocket.
Since the missile with a laser seeker ... Photos taken from the American magazine associated with the National Security Agency ( NSA). The magazine claims that the NSA is a real-time video received from the rocket.


CP: - The foreign press there and here is a version of the exotic: ' Satellite phone installation of Jowhar has presented the Turkish Prime Minister Arbakan. Turkish ' left ', relating to Russian intelligence, through a spy during the assembly of the phone in Turkey have established a special microswitch in it, regularly monitoring this device. In addition, in the center of Singnet Super Computer, located in the region, Maryland, USA, was established round the clock surveillance system telephone Dudayev. Office of the U.S. National Securitu Agency aired daily in the CIA information about the location and telephone conversations Dudayev. These dossiers received Turkey. A Turkish ' leftist ' officers passed a dossier to the Russian FSB ... How's that for syuzhetets?.

SA: - The Brothers Grimm rest! .
The Americans and the British satellite electronic reconnaissance and interception led to a period of very intensive monitoring Chechnya.

Why Yandarbiyev and suggested that the code is a satellite phone to transmit Dudaev by Russian special services to American or British counterparts. With what a joy? .

CP: - And what was all really?.

VJ: - In fact, through their own channels, we found that Dudayev really enjoys American satellite phone.

Had to solve three problems: set up our equipment on the phone, at the time set for the next training session Dudayev's communications team and give our fighters. Reconnaissance aircraft airborne ( AWACS ) in those days almost always hung in the air and it's easier for us to help solve the problem. Only one problem does not depend on us - how many will say Dudayev.

CP: - leaked information that a ' scientific and technical department ' in the depths of our intelligence services before the operation allegedly made ​​the device that intercepted the beam coming from the phone to the satellite, fixed the exact position of the subscriber and handed them over to aviation.

VJ: - Yes, our radio-electronic services even during the Soviet era have such opportunities.

CP: - But there is another version: that the starting point for the raid served as a signalman who died lost Raduyev Phone Satellite Communications. He, they say, and helped expose a system to link the militants were organized.

VJ: - Communication guerrillas, but not Dudayev. Yes, the phone for some time gave us some tips. But in the operations against Dudayev, they have not worked. On the ' other side ', too, were not ignoramuses.

The first president of Ichkeria until the last day did not believe that the hands of Russian special services can get it.
The first president of Ichkeria until the last day did not believe that the hands of Russian special services can get it.

Johar talk to anyone?.

CP: - On the day of the death of Dudayev, said nearly three times longer than usual. 15-20 minutes. Such a tightening of his conversation with the Moscow ' subscriber ' was also part of the operation?.

VJ: - No comments.

CP: - Well, let's go to the other side. Here are the words of former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Thomas Pickering: ' Yes, a long time did not know who told Dudayev by phone a few minutes before death. But recently, Alla Dudayev 's widow said - with Yeltsin. The Russian media did not advertise this fact - and then say, awkward: the President of a great country as a decoy '. Is this true?.

VYa: - No. Because his wife Alla Dudayev, kotoroya during communication with the Moscow subscriber husband that day was not far away, in an interview, said clearly: ' ' And then he began to speak with Johar Borovoy '. Yeltsin did not mention the name of the.

VJ: - Konstantin Borovoy has truly become the unwitting perpetrator of the Chechen president 's death. Dudayev has repeatedly contacted Borovoy on your satellite phone. After each session, they agreed, when will the next conversation. As a result, Borovoy was the last person that talked to Dudayev. That's one of his confession: ... It was about six in the evening. The conversation was interrupted. However, our conversations are often interrupted. He called me sometimes several times a day. I'm not a hundred percent sure that the missile strike occurred at the time of our last conversations with him. But more to the relationship he had with me did not come out '. (Yesterday I called Constantine Bernstein, and he confirmed his words are - WB).

CP: - Borovoy talked with Dudayev ...

VJ: - No comments.

CP: - How it all happened in one day in April?.

VJ: - Through their Chechen agents, we have extracted the information that Dudayev intends to get in touch in a certain square. And even the approximate time we already knew. For a complete readiness obyavlena. On that day all of us - and the landsmen, and pilots were lucky, more than ever. Dudayev has approached the Gekhi -Chu, and the plane is taxiing in Mozdok on vzletku. It is only then we learned that Dudayev was there with his wife, aides, security guards. They arrived at the vacant lot. Launched a satellite phone. At the time, said Dudayev is really longer than usual. We heard the distant rumble of an airplane, then a deafening explosion thundered. A few hours later, we received confirmation 'to stand by! ' That the body is prepared for burial Dudayev. The headquarters was transferred to the encoded message - something like ' The owner was fast asleep '. all.

From the memoirs of Alla Dudayeva:.

... And here I stand with Vahoy Ibragimov on the edge of the ravine, early spring, the birds are singing. And one bird was crying - as if groans from the ravine. I did not know that it is the cuckoo.

And suddenly - behind me hit a rocket. Twenty meters away, I stood by Johar, I dropped into a ravine. Corner of his eye saw a yellow flame.

She began to get out. Look - ... Then the second blow. On top of me fell down one of the guards, he wanted me to close the. Once calmed down, he got up, and I heard the cry of Viskhan, nephew Johar. Got out, I do not understand where all gone: no ... He has died '.

Vitaly Orlov, General Director of ...

- The number of satellite phone subscriber calculate the coordinates of an elementary. They are automatically built into the system of subscriber connection, all the rooms there are fixed. If the communication system is not domestic, the method of direction finding using equipment installed on the aircraft - at the subscriber unit antenna radiation. Accuracy of coordinates can be up to fifty meters.

Andrew Master, Colonel, an expert on electronic surveillance:.

- The aircraft AWACS ( Airborne Early Warning ) can detect the target ( satellite phone ) on its radiation. A combat aircraft with missiles may be in readiness at the nearest airfield or in a specific area of ​​expectations in the air. And, having received a command from the air or the ground control center, go to the line and let the rocket. And so she finds seeker target. By the way, depending on the type of missiles can be induced and the beacon affixed, for example, bumper cars, the electromagnetic radiation ( satellite dish ) on board the same aircraft early warning and control system or other spy plane.


April 22, Yeltsin paid a visit to Khabarovsk. After meeting with the edge of the Kremlin delegation went to a local restaurant for lunch. In the midst of revelry to the president approached the officer and the Government Communications reported that the director of the FSB on the wire with something important and urgent. Boris went into the next room. One witness said the scene is then: ' Yeltsin was so excited that he forgot to cover up the door. And almost shouted into the phone: 'This train?. Is this true?. Well, thank you. With my Hero! '. President returned to the table with a view schatlivogo birthday and even danced. He immediately took the floor and toast, which began with the words: ... ' The next morning all the agencies handed the number one news: Dudayev was killed.